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Basic Equipment info

Ringette players need the same kind of protection as hockey players. There are a few differences, however:

  1. The mask is made up of smaller 'triangles', as opposed to 'squares'. This is to prevent the sharper point of a ringette stick penetrating the mask.
  2. Players wear long pants on top of the protective gear. Players can use either hockey pants or ringette girdles for protection.
  3. Stick length. The maximum length of a stick is from the ice to the under-arm when the arm is held straight out from the body and the player is on skates.
  4. Players including Atom and older are required to use mouth guards during both games and practices.

More info: Ringuette Canada equipment page

Local places to buy equipment:

Old & New Equipment

The 2011 / 2012 Season is just around the corner and as parents we are all scurrying around looking for equipment that we pray will fit for another season. Well, it probably won't so here we go - the annual equipment hustle has officially started.

Old Equipment - if your equipment can't be part exchanged for a larger model how about handing it into the NDG Ringuette equipment room? Ask your coach and (s)he will point you to the right place to drop it off. Alternatively send an email to the webmaster@ndgringuette.org and it will be listed here. (Sticks are always needed at the beginning of the season!)

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